Let's Have a Moroccan Dinner Party!

We all love to dive into exotic food and culture, one could say the spice of life is the food, colour, fashion, jazz music, dance along with letting your hair down and enjoining new flavours and experience with friends.

Homemade dishes to share with everyone. Nowadays, as Moroccan food has been increasing in popularity so too have Moroccan dinner parties. The exotic flavours, scents and vibrant colours of Moroccan cuisine have made a big impression for food enthusiasts in Perth. The fact that dishes are loaded with tons of fresh ingredients including spices, herbs, nuts, and dried fruit, it’s no surprise that the Moroccan dinner party theme is only becoming more popular.

Throwing a Moroccan dinner party is the perfect culmination of old-world romance meeting casual chic. Moroccan classics are a fusion of European, Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern, and even South American cultures, will bring a add a uniqueness and vibrance to your dinner party whether it is for a family gathering or a casual weeknight get-together.

Additionally, the appeal of eating healthy home-cooked meals is another reason why Moroccan cuisine so well-loved. With its incredible blend of spices, sweet-and-savoury flavours and attractively textured dishes, the result is a healthy, delicious cuisine that can be enjoyed by everyone.

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Moroccan Dinner Party Preparation

Throwing a dinner party requires thorough preparation, especially if you are planning to host a Moroccan Dinner Party at your house. From the menu selection and shopping for ingredients to the table arrangement, we have got your back. Find our Moroccan dinner party preparation tips below:

10 days before the party

Shopping time! Go and get the ingredients for your Moroccan dishes which mainly consists of spices, herbs, nuts and dried fruit. You can always find them easily at Riki’s spice shop online. Additionally, you can start planning the Moroccan theme for the decoration from choosing the Moroccan-inspired table setting to the Moroccan-themed dress code.

7 days before the party

Choose the Moroccan food menu that will be served to the guests. The number of courses may depend on the size of the gathering but usually 3 courses works best: Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert. For the appetizer, Taktouka and Couscous are strong choices, Then for the main course, the renowned Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Mechoui are must-serves. As for the dessert, the traditional M’hanncha or snake cake is a delicious choice.

2 days before the party

If you are serving a cake for the dessert, this is the perfect time to start baking and then cover and store at room temperature.

1 days before the party

Now is a good time to start preparing the appetizer and main dishes. Prepare the Moroccan Chicken Tagine and Moroccan Lamb Tagine with the Chicken Chermoula Moroccan Marinade and Lamb & Beef Chermoula Moroccan Marinade, then let it cool and refrigerate so that you can easily reheat it tomorrow. Then continue with the Taktouka preparation which can be done in the afternoon or night

3-4 hours before the guests arrive

The critical moment where everything seems in a rush, but if you’ve prepared all of the dishes beforehand it will be much more relaxed. Now is the best time to sort out the table arrangement. If you are having the Moroccan dinner party as a standing party, prepare less chairs and spread out your tables to give your guests more space and make the foods easier to reach.

1-2 hours before the guests arrive

You can start to prepare the Moroccan Couscous which will not take a lot of time to prepare using Riki’s Moroccan Couscous Pack. Then continue to reheat the main dishes over medium heat. For a condiment, you can combine beets and dandelion greens mixed with Za’atar Herbs Condiment in a serving dish.

Arranging Moroccan-inspired Table Setting

As you may have noticed that vibrant is the main theme of Moroccan-style decoration with lots of bright and colourful setting from the tablecloth to the bouquet flowers that will be placed on each of the tables. These key colours: blue and orange, adding details of fuchsia, silver, green and bronze can be found in every Moroccan-inspired table setting which will give a cheerful ambience for the party.

Therefore, here are some tips on Moroccan-inspired table setting for your next dinner party:

Set up a large bowl filled with water in the centrepiece of the table and float the flowers and candles on it to create a Moroccan atmosphere.

Silverware is one of the main accessories in a Moroccan-inspired table setting including the signature teapot with a long beak and a beautiful tray.

Tea time is part of the culture so prepare the small glasses tea with blue coloured saucers.

In addition to the centrepiece setting, adding a bouquet of pink and orange roses on the table will be a nice touch.

Moroccan-inspired table settings often used low tables, therefore, floor cushions, pillow and rugs with Middle Eastern designs are must-haves to create the right atmosphere.

What is the dress code for a Moroccan-themed dinner party?

One of the things that stand out about Moroccan culture besides its delicious and healthy foods is the dress or attire. Bright and colourful are the highlight of Moroccan theme party dress code. For a poolside gathering inspired by exotic Morocco, there are wraps, cover-ups, and scarf dresses to choose from and for a backyard dinner party tunics, kaftans, and maxi dresses are great options.

Create an Unforgettable Dinner Party with these Inspirational Moroccan Food Recipes!

There are tons of delicious Moroccan foods that can be served at any party, some of which have been listed above. However, Riki Kaspi has taken traditional Moroccan cooking to the next level so that you can cook it with ease at home while still preserving the authentic forms and flavours of Moroccan dishes. Aromatic Couscous, Moroccan Chicken Tagine, Vegetarian Chickpea Tagine, Egyptian Dukkah and many more are some Moroccan food favourites that she's willing to share them with you. Find out all of her Moroccan food recipes below!

Aromatic Couscous

Create a complete meal with this traditional accompaniment. Everything you need is in the Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Moroccan Couscous Kit

BBQ with Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Ras El Hanut

Give your roast and barbecue meats and seafood a delicious flavour with Ras El Hanut.

Moroccan Harissa

Spice up your favourite dishes with these great suggestions. Mix with yoghurt, tahini, avocado or cream cheese and use as a dip for raw vegetables or toasted pita or turkish bread.

Middle Eastern Tahini

This popular dip is perfect for entertaining. It’s quick and easy to make using Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Za’atar

Egyptian Dukkah Crusted Prawns with Cabbage Salad

Crisply coated, succulent prawns combine with the freshness of salad in this popular recipe that’s sure to please.

Vegetarian Chickpea Tagine

Vegetables star when combined with chickpeas and Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Vegetarian Chermoula in this delicious slow cooked tagine

Moroccan Chicken Tagine

This delicious recipe uses Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Chicken Chermoula to create a Moroccan Tagine.

Moroccan Lamb Casserole

Everyone will love the flavour of this slow cooked lamb casserole cooked with Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Lamb and Beef Chermoula

Moroccan Fish Casserole

Fish could never be boring when it’s cooked the Moroccan way with Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Fish Chermoula

Discover the Authentic Flavours of Moroccan Cuisine with Riki Kaspi Moroccan Spice Journey

There are some key factors that are really important when preparing for a Moroccan dinner party: using authentic flavours and saving time. Rest assured because these two factors can be solved by using the range of high-quality cooking paste spice mix products from Riki Kaspi. Discover the authentic flavours of Moroccan cuisine using Riki's Moroccan Spice Journey for your next Moroccan dinner party.

Za’atar Herbs Condiment
Za’atar Herbs Condiment
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Moroccan Hot Harissa
Moroccan Hot Harissa
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Egyptian Dukkha
Egyptian Dukkha
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Preserved Lemons
Preserved Lemons
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Chicken Chermoula Moroccan Marinade
Chicken Chermoula Moroccan Marinade
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Riki has designed her cooking paste spices mix products so they can be applied with ease by anyone even if it's your first time cooking Moroccan dishes. The Moroccan spice journey cooking pastes can help you prepare healthy quick dinners at home.

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Start cooking the Moroccan foods of your choice

All of Riki’s cooking paste products have been designed to help you get the authentic flavours and healthiness of Moroccan foods with ease.

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