Aromatic Couscous

Create a complete meal with this traditional accompaniment. Everything you need is in the Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Moroccan Couscous Kit

serves 4




Riki Kaspi Spice Journey Moroccan Couscous Kit:

3 cups of Moroccan Couscous

Flavour sachet

Slivered almonds

3 cups of water

100g of butter

1 teaspoon salt

Grated zest of 2 oranges




Place the Couscous from the kit into a large bowl.

In a saucepan bring the water, butter, salt and orange zest to the boil.

Pour the boiling water over the Couscous in the bowl and mix with a fork.

Allow it to stand covered for 15 minutes stirring every 5 minutes until it is light and fluffy.

Add the contents of the flavour sachet to the Couscous and mix in well with a fork.

To serve, pile the Couscous onto a platter and sprinkle with the sachet of slivered almonds.

Serve as the centrepiece to your meal or to accompany your favourite tajine.